What is God Weapon?
In the past (around 2007-2011) www.God-Weapon.com was a Kaillera gaming community created by SupraFast, which was developing EmulinkerSF/Supraclient/SF Admin Client.
Now this is an unofficial continuation of the project for improvements EmulinkerSF/Supraclient/SF Admin Client.
What is Kaillera?
Kaillera is a client/server system that enables net-play for game system emulators. Kaillera does not provide the emulator itself, or the ROM files to emulate. It simply plugs into any emulator and maps "player 2" input to another user via UDP network communication.
What is EmuLinker?
EmuLinker is a complete rewrite of the original Kaillera network server for the purpose of preventing exploitable bugs and adding features by Moosehead.
What is EmulinkerSF?
EmuLinkerSF is a modified version of EmuLinker Kaillera network server with new features by Suprafast.
What is a SupraClient?
Supraclient is an alternative Kaillera client written by SupraFast.
What is a EmulinkerSF Admin Client?
Client to management EmulinkerSF server for Admins written by SupraFast.