What is God Weapon?
In the past (around 2006-2011) GW was a Kaillera gaming community created by SupraFast, which was developing EmulinkerSF/Supraclient/SF Admin Client.
This is an unofficial continuation of the project for improvements EmulinkerSF/Supraclient/SF Admin Client.

What is EmulinkerSF?
EmuLinkerSF is a modified version of EmuLinker Kaillera network server created by Moosehead with new features by Suprafast.

What's difference beetween EmulinkerSF v0.90.0 and Emulinker X v2.0.2?
Emulinker X is based on a decompiled some version of ESF(<=72.3), partially fixed with some changes (trivia bot changed to unscradble bot).
EmulinkerSF v0.90.0 is based on original latest source of ESF(72.3), has more fixes(commands, security, minor mistakes, and completely fixed packet bundle parse), added new options and settings.

What is a SupraClient?
Unofficial Kaillera Client written by SupraFast.

What is a EmulinkerSF Admin Client?
Client to management EmulinkerSF server for Admins.